Devotional Weekend 2020

Dear Friends and Students:

This message is to invite you all to join us for a very special event, a Devotional Weekend being held from 5:00pm on Friday, October 23rd until 5:00pm on Sunday, October 25th. This is a 48 hour devotional experience that you can join (watch & experience) on the same days and hours as the rest of us OR at any time that it's convenient for you.

Each hour (throughout the 48 hours) we will share a live prayer and an inspired/channeled message with all of you. If you miss any of these moments while they are live (as that will likely be the case when you are asleep or at work), you can go back at any time and watch the presentations you missed. The prayers and meditations being shared will sometimes come from A Course in Miracles or Jesus Calling, while at other times they will be completely spontaneous. Again, this will be TWO full days (48 hours) of hourly prayer and/or meditation and/or spontaneous teaching. So the experience will draw us into some very deep experiences--ascending together.

What we ask of you is simply to devote as much time as possible to your connection to God throughout the 48 hours. We ask that you tune in for a few minutes per hour (during hours you are awake and available) to join us for the prayers or messages in that particular hour. To some of you, this might sound easy; for others this might sound like an impossibility. Either way, you are only asked to do your best . . . and keep it light.

We also ask that you fast (abstain) as much as possible from the unhealthy aspects of your life and the material world. So consider fasting for this 48 hours from watching the news, reading newspapers, tensions, arguments, tense thinking, stress, and so forth. When it comes to food, we suggest you try fasting in a way that works for you. For example, you might choose a juice fast. Or you might choose a cleansing fast—something like grapes only or apples only. Or you might choose your intake to only be nutritious protein drinks a few times per day. But the general idea would be to cleanse ourselves and avoid over-burdening the body with toxins and from large meals.

This is going to be a beautiful devotional weekend, like nothing you've ever experienced.
All the topics will be focused on our devotion to the Holiness of God and to remembering our own holiness.We are asking for a donation of $100 for the full 48 hour experience--although you are welcome to donate more if possible.


Michael Mirdad

Please Note: All online course fees are nonrefundable for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't be present the entire 48 hours. Can I still take the course?

Of course! You are only asked to do your best . . . and our online video segments will be recorded for replay and posted.

I still have questions...

No problem! Send us an email at

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