You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up! 2021

In this workshop, world renowned spiritual teacher and author, Michael Mirdad, explains why the challenges in your life (and in your soul) may make you feel as though you’re “going crazy.” But he explains how these challenges are merely a natural part of the soul’s awakening process. Michael discusses the specific ‘Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process’ and shares insights as to how such challenges (including the “dark night of the soul”) lead to a “Light at the end of the tunnel,” wherein we gain a new perspective of our life, our self, and our purpose. The Soul Transformation Process includes: 1) Dismantling, 2) Emptiness, 3) Disorientation, 4) Re-building, and 5) A New Life. This process assists us in rising to new levels of spiritual mastery, wherein we become an active participant in Re-building a New Life, a life that resonates with our Highest Good and is described in A Course in Miracles as, “A future . . . without a trace of sorrow, and with joy that constantly increases.”


Dismantling ~ Emptiness

Disorientation ~ Re-building ~ A New Life

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It's the best course ever